What are Magic Squares? Magic squares are a pretty versatile piece of equipment that works on your dog’s confidence, body awareness and mobility. They are also pretty easy to make and much cheaper than buying online. Making a set of 6 will cost you less than a $100

Equipment to make 6 Squares:

Video coming soon of different exercises you can do with your dog with the magic squares! 


  1. Measure and mark your PVC Pipe to 16″ and 6″
  2. Cut your PVC at the markings
  3. Collect 4 long and short poles and put in a pile as you’re cutting along, measuring and marking.
  4. If you measured correctly and resourcefully then you should have 6 squares with very little pvc to spare
  5. Decide if you’re going to spray paint. This could take a couple sessions to get all sides of the pvc pipe and dried completely.
  6. Before connecting the elbows, I recommend spraying the insides of the elbow connectors with a little bit of cooking spray to make separating easy!
  7. Connect the elbows so it’s perpendicular to the ground with one side facing up.
  8. They should be ready to use, have fun and always use caution before a new fitness activity!
  9. The easiest way to store them is to stack them alternating like the below picture! You could even hang them up on a big hook.

*make sure you bought the correct sizing and everything fits before cutting. The sizes mentioned fit correctly, but in case wrong size items were sent, etc. 

Read More about the Magic Square from Do More with your Dog!

Developed by World-reknowed trainer and NY Times bestselling author, Kyra Sundance, this prop is a key tool in the official Canine Conditioning Coaches training program.

The magic square acts as a Home Base for your dog. It builds your dog’s proprioception, coordination, and focus, and can be used in a variety of exercises:


  1. Pedestal Training— Send to Square
  2. Pedestal Training— Stay in Square (Home Base)
  3. Bow/Stretching (keeps belly up)
  4. Stacking for Structure Evaluation
  5. Peanut Holder
  6. Fit Ball Holder (Instability Resistance Training IRT)
  7. Teach a “Stay”
  8. Perch work (2 paws in square, rotate)
  9. Ball perch work (front paws on ball, rotate around)
  10. Teach “go to Touch Pad”
  11. Back up (square is upside down)
  12. Recall fronts
  13. Structure & Gait— Cavalettis
  14. Structure & Gait— diamonds
  15. Structure & Gait— in an arc
  16. Structure & Gait— high/low/high/low