Fitness classes designed for you and your Dog

Fitness with Fido is a combination of the love of fitness with the love of our K-9 companions. We create workout programs that are designed to tone, strenghten and burn fat while having your best bud by your side helping you a long the way.


Quick & Easy Paper Towel Dog Toy

Have an empty paper towel Roll? Here's a quick and easy toy to make for your dog! All it involves is a paper towel roll and some dog treats! So next time you get to the end of the roll, keep it! Now they'll only get a one time usage out of this, but during the time it...

St. Patrick’s Day Craft

Here's a fun and cute craft to do with your dog for St. Patrick's Day! Plus it's super easy!  Supplies:  Green Marker  Green Stamp (Non-Toxic, I bought a stamp pad from Hobby Lobby) Stickers (I bought some from the dollar store)  Wet wash cloth to wipe their paw off ...

DIY Tilt Board

A Tilt Board or Rocker Board is another simple project to make at home to help build up core strength and body awareness for your dog. It cost about $30 to make it and you do have to be a tad bit handy with a power drill. Making one can save you a lot of money...