Fitness classes designed for you and your Dog

Fitness with Fido is a combination of the love of fitness with the love of our K-9 companions. We create workout programs that are designed to tone, strenghten and burn fat while having your best bud by your side helping you a long the way.


Prepping the dogs for baby

Here are my tips for prepping my 3 dogs before our baby girl arrives. This is our first baby so these are tips i'm assuming will help and my dogs are already well-mannered and have been around children before so i'll add in some extra tips that might help your...

Exercises to make Grooming Enjoyable

So most dogs don't exactly enjoy having a spa day like we do because apparently they have better things to do then getting their hair and nails done, but grooming is something that is required regulary. Regulary can vary depending on the type of dog you own, the...

DIY Budget Friendly hurdles

DIY Budget Friendly hurdles

Here's a budget Friendly DIY Hurdle set you can set up for your dogs to play indoors or outdoors! 🐕 All you need are: Slotted Cones 7/16 Rods The slotted cones make it very easy to place your hurdle rods because there's multiple options 😁 I recommend at least six...