Business Mission Statement
“Whether you’re here for yourself or for your dog, whether it’s for weight-loss or a new activity, we hope to meet all your needs and wants. We want to be around for people and their dogs during different life cycles from puppies to seniors to live a healthier lifestyle to be the best version of themselves. Fitness with Fido is “where you’ll always have a workout partner”

Certifications & Education:

I’m always learning to stay current and knowledge is power! Plus to maintain my fitness certifications I need to take continuing education courses every year, so I also uphold that standard to the pet industry as well that doesn’t have as much regulation.

From Andrea after one of Kim’s classes:

Kim is amazing!!!! Mercury and I always have fun in her classes!!! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get out and be active with my dog!!!”

See full list of awards, certificaitons and education here

Kimberly – Owner & Instructor

I have always been into health & fitness, but It wasn’t until I did a 13 mile mud run event that I gained more of an understanding with specific exercise training and healthy eating. I realized all these benefits I was gaining from training and eating healthy. I felt better physically and mentally, the more I wanted to improve. That meant more time at the gym and less time with my dogs, Oscar & Leah.

I have always loved dogs since I was a little kid and always knew I wanted to own my own dog business when I grew up. Growing up I walked neighborhoods dogs for $1 and taught my previous dog Molly agility. After high school I went to school to become a professional dog groomer in 2009. I groomed full-time professionally for about 10 years and groom now by appointment only.

Dogs are my life. I love my dogs. They are all very loving. Oscar is very energetic and Leah is more of a coach potato. My newest addition is Ike, who was my foster failure. He came into my life and had to keep him. I love standard poodles, but also want to get a border collie as well to add to the pack!

I received my associate’s degree in business administration 2012 and my fitness and nutrition certifications in 2015 and i’m always learning! I then decided to combine my love for dogs & fitness together and in July 2015 Fitness with Fido was ready to share with everyone else!!

Kim’s why: “I love dogs. I mean, that’s just really why I do it. I want people to be healthier because that means they’re doing more with their dogs. We should live healthier lives because the dogs, they’re not with us long enough.”

Genevieve – Doga Instructor

I moved to Saint Louis in 2012 to attend college at Saint Louis University and fell in love with the area! I currently own 4 border collies. You may see Copper and Willow with me at doga and my other two, Koda and Summit at other events like agility and kayaking. Dogs have brought so much happiness into my life and I’m so honored to be able to bring happiness to theirs through bonding and giving them the exercise they need. I’m excited to share this with everyone as well! 

I am a registered 200 hr yoga instructor, graduated from urban breath yoga in 2018. My favorite style is gentle, but also sometimes power for the workout. I trained under Kim to learn the ways of Doga. When I’m not a dog mom or doga instructor, I’m a social worker out in Union, MO. One day, hoping to mix my love for therapy, yoga, and dogs! 

From Lilly after one of Genevieve’s Doga classes:

“This felt so good after a long week of sitting! Proud of my dog Joe. He was scared to do the figure 8 at first but then he nailed it!”

You’ll see him time from time at events, but he is the more behind the scenes. He’s the one who fixes the website when I break it and much more!


The Tech Guy and Kim's Husband

You’ll see her at helping out at most events or at classes borrowing one of Kim’s dogs, as she says “she’s my biggest fan” and is learning about dogs each day.


Kim's Mom and Event Helper