Kim, owner of Fitness with Fido, is also a Certified Canine Conditoning Fitness Coach (CCFC) thru Do More with your Dog. Her background is in canine fitness, dog grooming, agility and business. Oscar is a standard poodle who is also a canine coach and Kim’s sidekick. They’re both always looking to improve and always learning.

Kim went thru the Canine Conditioning Coach Workshop in March 2019 when they held the Tridex Conference at Purina Farms in Missouri. Continuing education is very important to her and plans to complete the Certified Canine Fitness Trainer Certification as well thru the University of Tennesse! 

Kim & Oscar are pictured below with Kyra Sundance after completing their CCFC workshop. Read more about titles here:

Kim and Oscar also held the group warm up before the 2k-9 fun run where they actually came in first place! Quite a surprise since running is my least favorite exercises, but it helped since we were the only ones running the entire thing! 😛