It’s my first class, what do I need to do?

No worries, we ask if you can arrive 5-10 minutes prior to class to sign a waiver or you can print & sign a waiver, and bring it along with you to your first class.

Here are some other helpful tips before you start
  • Doctors/Veterinarians Approval for exercising
  • Leave enough space for you and your dog around your yoga mat. It’s not like a regular people only class, dogs typically like their space and usually don’t want to sit still for a full hour. Leaving enough space allows your dog to move around while on leash and not to get tangled up with your neighbor to play or in another dog’s face to prevent fights from happening.
  • Taking a short walk before class, especially if it’s your first class or for a higher energy dog
  • Practice good manners, a well-behaved dog is much easier and safer to work out with! 
  • Keep your dog’s nails trimmed, it helps them exercise at class and more mobile at home! We also offer nail trims at classes!

What do I need to bring to class?

yoga mat, water, training treats and a positive attitude. We have a couple of water bowls for the dogs, but you’re more than welcome to bring your own. Training treats to motivate your dog to work on exercises. We have treats every class, but that way you have an unlimited supply and don’t have to wait for an instructor to pass out treats. If you’re watching your dog’s weight you may bring half of their dog food kibble and use their breakfast/dinner as treats. Otherwise your dog will be burning calories while working out with you! 

What not to bring?

NO retractable leashes and no unfriendly dogs!! 

What can I expect in class? What exactly is it? What will I be doing? What will my dog be doing?
  • This a workout class for you AND your dog.
  • All the classes provide mental and physical stimulation for the dogs and everyone can work at their own pace. Save time by exercising with your dog instead of going on walks and to the gym! It provides socialization, work on doggie manners, you’ll both look and feel better, but most importanly it’s a great bonding time for the both of you!
  • Depending on the class we will focus on different parts of the body. We will either focus on arms, legs, strength & conditioning, abs and yoga.
    • Focusing on different parts of the body each week will keep your body guessing and work all parts of it, even your mind.
    • Classes are approx. 1 hour
    • The majority of classes are based on time instead of sets. That way all levels are welcomed! For example you’ll have 30 seconds to complete an exercise, so if you do 1 jumping jack or 30 jumping jacks in 30 seconds it allows you go at your own pace.
    • Yoga/Pilates classes depending on the space we normally start with a short walk to get your dog’s legs moving because they normally don’t like to sit still for an hour like a regular yoga class or work on dog obedience around your yoga mat and work on standing balancing poses. Then we do a couple of stretches with the dogs and end on the mat with laying down poses and end with a dog massage! Class Descriptions can be found here
  • We try to start off each class with some cardio to get you warmed up and to tire the dogs out.
  • It’s important to practice good dog behavior, like having your dog heel by walking by your side instead of pulling that will help mentally tire out your dog and it’s much easier to work out with a well-behaved dog.
  • We try to rotate back and forth with you working out and then your dog working out. While you’re exercising your dog will be there making sure you’re doing it correctly, working on dog obedience! We will have some portion of class playing a game with your dog like having the dogs either do, “puppy” push ups, etc.
What kind of shoes should I wear?

We suggest wearing tennis shoes. Even for our Yoga (Doga) Classes or shoes that can slip on and off easily. Our yoga classes normally start off with walking with our dogs and standing poses. Also just in case your dog needs a potty break you already have your shoes on or can put on quickly.

I don’t have a dog, can I still attend a class?
Of course you can come without a dog, the only rule is you have to like being around dogs!
I have more than one dog?
  • Please only one dog/person, dog fitness classes are designed for you and your dog.
  • We suggest if you have more than one dog to rotate them each week, so they each will get to have one on one time with their owner or bring a friend or family member who doesn’t have a dog.
What if my dog misbehaves?
  • We may ask you to take your dog to the side or on a walk until they calm down and can return to the class area.
  • Barking, pulling, high energy, etc. can be tolerated. Attending class regularly can help them calm down, along with good practice to enforce good habits.
  •  NOT tolerated: IF your dog is trying to attack anything, you may asked to leave immediately.
    • Refunds are subject to approval
    • We understand some dogs may not get along with others and we will do our best to prevent any accidents from happening.
  • We also offer personal training for people who are nervous in group settings with their dogs or a dog that doesn’t like being around other dogs! 
I have a very hyper dog? Nervous Dog? an older dog?
  • Hyper dog- you may try walking your dog for at least 5-10minutes before class to get all those pre-jitter nerves to go away. We also have a few dog back packs that can be added just let us know! Aerobarks, Cardio Canine or Puplates are better suited as they are faster moving. 
  • Older dog- Come try it out and see, if anything they can always watch while you’re working out or try a lower impact class like doga or puplates. Either way they’ll enjoy spending time with you!
How old does my dog have to be?

we ask that your dog is at least 6 months old and has had all their puppy shots. While puppies are growing it’s important that they fully develop with the right amount of exercise, if they get too much exercise it can hinder their growth. You may try one of our doga classes that are low impact and great for socialization. 

Still not sure you're ready?

Read some testimonials here from different clients perspectives to learn more about us!

Where are you located?

The majority of our classes are outdoors, so our main season is April thru October. We hold classes all over St. Louis and try to hit up each area once a month. We are slowly growing, but we like to have pop up classes! It’s always best to follow us on Facebook for the latest news or subscribe to our monthly newsletter!

We have regular classes at 4 Muddy Paws in Lafayette Square, The Academy of Pet Careers at Petropolis in Chesterfield, and the Miller Haus!  


How to use my Hands-Free Leash
Have a free class pass or Gift Certificate?

Please mention it to your instructor when you arrive to class or add it in the message when signing up online. One free class per person.

Want Fitness with Fido at your next event?
  • Great for Pet Companies to offer as a wellness program and team building to their employees or to offer it their clients for engagement! 
  • Having a pet event and want some dog enrichment activities then contact us! 
  • Please contact us HERE 
  • Please add to subject Event
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