12 Days of Christmas Challenge with Fido begins December 12th!

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We are challenging you AND your dog to be active together! Think you can do it? If so you’ll have the chance to win some cool prizes valued over $300 worth! Begins December 12th!

This is a FREE CHALLENGE to do at your home! No equipment needed! We want you to get a head start on your New Year’s Resolutions and in the process do more with your dog!

Each day will have a specific exercise trick of the day! Some maybe easy, some maybe harder, but we are encouraging you to practice for at least 12 minutes a day, do 12 repetitions or for 12 days straight!

Available Prizes:
Prize 1: $25 gift card to Treats Unleashed (local winner)
Prize 2: Pet Cot from The Academy of Pet Careers (local winner)
Prize 3: Bark Box includes 2 toys and treat bag
Prize 4: K9x Ball 
Prize 5: Paintings and Things by Carla Custom Pet Ornament 
Prize 6: Interactive Dog Toy $50 value from Four Muddy Paws 
Prize 7:  Treat Basket from Instinct Pet Food
Prize 8: Bandit Shirt and more goodies from Speak St. Louis
Prize 9: Treat Bag from Fitness with Fido

Prizes 10: Tripod Fitness with Fido
Prize 11: Balance Disc Fitness with Fido
Prize 12: $25 Amazon Gift Card for our International Winners from Fitness with Fido

To be entered into the challenge you have to:

1) Fill out the entry form once: https://forms.gle/B5bp2ue9Prf7eNnUA

2) Like the above pages on Facebook and/or Instagram:

3) Have 12 post total of videos with your dog performing the exercise of the day. Or make a Youtube video with all 12 exercises AND include 12 Days of Christmas Challenge with Fido in the title as well as sending us the link please. 

4) Options when posting: post within the fb event, check in to the event on fb, or tag @FitnesswithFido.Fit and the associated business with the trick of the day. Instagram profiles need to be set to public in order for us to see your post or send us a message to follow you.

The challenge doesn’t officially begins December 12th, so please don’t post before that, but you’re free to practice and record beforehand! 

There should be 12 post total to be entered and all entries must be received by midnight 12/25/20. Eligible winners will be randomly picked 12/28/2020. Exercise descriptions are posted below. Anything can be modified. By entering you allow us to use your email & photos for marketing purposes. Some prizes are local to St. Louis pick up, most are open to US residents and for our international winners an Amazon Gift card.

12 Days Exercise Desciptions 2020

Please tag Fitness with Fido and Treats Unleashed for Day 1, thanks!

Day 1 Sit to Stands for Dog and Squats for You

Dog Sit, Stands

  • Start your dog in a sitting position and then ask your dog to stand. 
  • Take a few steps forward if needed, then sit again. Repeat
  • Your dog may be confused trying to figure out how to stand from the sit position, even though they do it all the time naturally, but it just takes time and you may need to work on a “stand” command separately to help them learn. 
  • The Goal of this exercise is to do this move without taking any steps forward or back to reset. It also helps for a “square sit” and flat back.
  • If needed you can practice by using a corner wall with your pet facing out towards you.


When doing your squats you want your feet a little more than shoulder width apart and sit back thru those hips as you go down. As you raise stand up tall and squeeze the glutes. Opitonal give your dog a pet each time you squat. They will have to focus to stay as they watch you.


Please tag Fitness with Fido and The Acadmey of Pet Careers for day 2, thanks!

Side Stepping for Each of You

Side stepping or lateral stepping means walking sideways. This is one of the hardest moves to teach your dog as it’s an unnatural movement for your dog, but works many muscles they don’t typically work!

Use a large enough space and use a line on the floor, targets, wall or something to help keep you all going in a straight line sideways, as it is easy to begin curving or going diagonal.
With your dog standing, take treats in your right hand and turn YOUR body to face their body so that if you took a step, you’d be walking into your dog’s shoulder.

Put treats in front of your dog’s nose as a lure and so you can quickly reward when they take a lateral step.

Take a tiny, tiny step into your dog, moving into your dog’s space, most will take a lateral step with one of their paws. (do not push or run into them to get them to move, it takes time)
As soon as they do, reward! Start off slow doing a few steps at a time in each direction as they build up coordination.

For those with small dogs be careful not to step on their little feet. If it puts too much pressure on your back bending over, you may try kneeling down and scooting.

Side Stepping for You

Take a step out to the side to the right, then bring your left foot in to meet, keep repeating then go the other way. To make it more challenging, lower into a squat position and stay low!

Please tag Fitness with Fido and Bark Box for Day 3, thanks!

Weave Thru Legs for Dog and Alt. Reverse Lunges for You 

Dog Weave Legs

  • Step one foot forward and have your dog walk underneath and thru your leg. Repeat on the other side walking forward
  • Tip – Have treats in each hand
  • Modified for larger dogs that won’t duck and shorter people, raise one leg up at about hip level and have your dog walk under. This will really test your balance!

Reverse Lunges 

  • Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and step back with one foot keeping a 90 degree angle with your heel, knee and hips
  • Keep a straight line with your shoulders, hips and knee with chest upright looking forward. Lower as low as you can, but not all the way down
  • Step back and push off then switch feet and repeat.

Please tag Fitness with Fido and K9X Ball for day 4, thanks!

Stand Stay for Dog and Plank for You

Stand for your Dog

Yes standing is such an important cue to teach your dog! It’s a foundation exercise used in many moves, but a lot of times not taught on cue. Don’t be surprised if your dog is giving you a strange look or going thru a series of tricks trying to figure out what you want.

It’s really important to focus on their form when standing, think of it as the human version of a plank. Stack their front paws under their shoulders and their back paws slightly stacked past their hips until their hock is vertical. Also that their back legs aren’t opened up too wide, think of it like they are a show dog. This will vary slightly depending on the breed of dog.

Do this in short burst like a 5 second hold and build on that before they go into a sit or wiggle. Keep plenty of treats in your hand rewarding them before the sit or move. 

Plank for You 

  • When doing your plank you want to try and keep everything straightly aligned with your hips up and shoulders stacked above your wrists.
  • You can do your plank on your hands or your forearms if you have wrist issues.
  • Modified plank can be bird dog pose or on your knees.

Please tag Fitness with Fido and Paintings and Things by Carla for day 5, thanks!

Double Downdog

This downdog will test your balance and communication skills with your dog! First begin in a downward dog position, an inverted V, with your weight distrubuted in the center so there’s not as much pressure on your wrists and shoulders. 

Once you’re feeling good lure your dog under your body to the other side by using the opposite hand away from your dog with a treat or toy, let them go get it, then repeat on the other side. 

If you have wrist issues or can’t keep your balance try this move on all fours, though this may require your dog to crawl underneath as there’s not as much space. 

Please tag Fitness with Fido and Four Muddy Paws for Day 6, thanks!

Boat Pose Hurdles

  • Begin in a seated position with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Lift your feet off the floor to be parallel to the floor
  • Keep your back flat at 45-degree angle and balance on the sit bones.
  • Have your dog jump over your torso while maintaing balance. They can jump over back and forth or they can jump over and walk under your raised legs. 
  • Raise your legs up to straighten them if you have a bigger dog. 
  • Remember to focus on your breath to maintain your balance and if you need to practice this first before including your dog to work on your balance. 

Please tag Fitness with Fido and Instinct Pet Food for Day 7, thanks!

Hops for your Dog & High Knees for You

Dog Hops

  • Think of this as their version of a pop squat! All we’re trying to do is having them jump up into the air as if they are a dolphin jumping out of the ocean.
  • Try and have them do this from a standing position and lure them with a treat and use a command like hop to get them to hop up like a bunny. 
  • Depending your dog, they can jump up vertically like a rocket ship or on a slight angle forward. Ideally more on a slight angle so they can follow thru and land softly with their jump
  • You may need to walk backwards to help them hop up and move forward, so watch where you’re going.
  • If you need to do a paws up on you command first you can to help them know to propel up, otherwise the goal of this is to have them follow thru with the jump and landing compared with the paws up where they stop.
  • Have them complete this on carpet, yoga mat, etc to prevent slipping and softer landing.
  • Modify – If you have an older dog or dog with hip issues modify this by doing a paws up on an object.

High Knees

  • Start standing with feet hip-distance apart. Slowly lift one knee at a time. Alternate between each of your knees one at a time, lifting and lowering your legs at the same steady speed.
  • Try to lift your knee as high as you can and land on the balls of your feet.
  • Pick up your pace, lifting your knees quickly while maintaining good form.
  • Your opposite hand should alternate rising up level to your cheeks with each knee up while keeping your back straight and looking forward. 
  • Modify – you can keep your hands raised at hip height to help you gauge lifting your knees higher and eliminate the bounce by marching in place.

Please tag Fitness with Fido and  Speak St. Louis for Day 8, thanks!

Superman Hurdles

For superman’s you’re acting like you’re flying! Start by laying down on your belly with your arms and legs extended. Start by warming up your back by isolating just the lower body by lifting up your thighs off the mat as high as you can while squeezing the glutes and slowly lower back down. For the next set isolating just the upper body by inhaling and lifting your chest off the mat as high as you can and slowly lowering. Your back should be warmed up and ready to put it all together! Try to raise the thighs and the chest at the same time and lower at the same time. Take your time and remember to breathe!

If you have back issues, pregnant, etc modify this exercise for bird dog, having your dog jump over a hurdle or an exercise of your choice.

Once you feel comfortable with supermans lure your dog with a treat around your body or back and forth using your back as a hurdle. 

Keeping your dog’s nails well-maintained to aviod scratches. 

Please tag Fitness with Fido for Day 9, thanks!

Stay and Come with Lunges

The more distance you create, the more challenging it will be for your dog to stay still. Most of the time they will want to follow you.

Place your dog in a stay, do walking lunges then have them come.

More distance = cardio
Cardio & dog training = tired pup

When lunging focus on your form. Make sure that knee is behind the big toe and your chest is upright in line with your hips.

If your dog is not good at staying still, take baby steps. Work on creating distance or building up time and do your lunges separately.

Please tag Fitness with Fido for Day 10, thanks!

Russian Twists

For the Russian twists you’ll start sitting on the ground and lean back at about a 45° angle and you’ll rotate to the left and the right. Beginners can keep your feet on the ground for more support or you can lift your legs which will require you to balance more. As you rotate focus on twisting your shoulders and head in the same direction.

Options with your dog: 

1) place them in a sit or down behind you and give them a pet each time you go side to side

2) Have them hurdle over you while maintaining your balance. They can hurdle back and forth or they can can hurdle and go under your legs making a circle. 

Please tag Fitness with Fido for Day 11, thanks!

Wrap Around Figure 8 Combo

First make sure your dog understands how to wrap around and how to do a figure 8 between your legs. Once they understand each exercise seperately then you can try to combine it for a fun combo! 

To Modify it if they’re still learning is choose figure 8 or wrap around. 

Wrap Around 

Stand up tall with your feet close together and try to lure your dog around your body while keeping your feet planted still and dog as close to your body as possible. For smaller dogs you may need to use a target stick. When your dog gets really good at this and a more advanced move, they can do an orbit where they wrap around walking backwards!


Figure 8 

  • Begin standing in a wide stance with your legs and have your dog go around each leg making a figure 8.
  • Tip – Have treats in each hand to lure them around each leg easier!
  • This is great warm up exercise as well!

Wrap Around Figure 8 Combo

First stand with your feet together and have your dog wrap around you, from here open your legs up wider then shoulder width apart and have your dog weave around your legs a couple times, then close your legs and have them wrap around again, preferably going the other way to work in each direction.

Please tag Fitness with Fido for Day 12, thanks!


There’s a lot of different versions, but were sticking to the main ones. Modified is stepping into plank position, then stepping your feet back then standing up tall. The next version is adding a hop back with, then hopping your feet back in and standing or jumping up tall. Advanced is to add a push up after you go into plank position.

For the dogs version of a burpee you can have them sit, lay down, then jump up!

Want a challenge? Try doing your burpees together in unison!