12 Days with Fido begins December 12th!

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We are challenging you AND your dog to be active together! Think you can do it? If so you’ll have the chance to win some cool prizes! Begins December 12th!

This is a FREE CHALLENGE to do at your home! No equipment needed! We want you to get a head start on your New Year’s Resolutions and in the process do more with your dog!

Each day will have a specific exercise trick of the day! Some maybe easy, some maybe harder, but we are encouraging you to practice for 12 minutes a day, do 12 repetitions or for 12 days straight!

Available Prizes: 

  • $50 giftcard to FurryFreshness 
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Fitness with Fido Classes
  • more coming soon!

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The challenge doesn’t officially begins December 12th, so please don’t post before that, but you’re free to practice and record beforehand!


There should be 12 post total to be entered and all entries must be received by midnight 12/25/21. Eligible winners will be randomly picked 12/28/2021. Exercise descriptions are posted below. Anything can be modified. By entering you allow us to use your email & photos for marketing purposes. Some prizes are local to St. Louis pick up, most are open to US residents and for our international winners an Amazon Gift card.

12 Days Exercise Desciptions 2021

Day 1

Weave Thru Legs 

  • Step one foot forward and have your dog walk underneath and thru your leg. Repeat on the other side walking forward
  • Tip – Have treats in each hand
  • Modified for larger dogs that won’t duck and shorter people, raise one leg up at about hip level and have your dog walk under. This will really test your balance!

Day 2

Back Up for Dog and Kickbacks for You

Get your dog used to backing up by setting up a narrow path using gates, exercise pens, etc and place a treat at the closed end. Have them walk in and they will have to naturally walk back to get out unless you made the path too large that they can turn around. This is also a great way that they are actually backing up with their back legs instead of their front legs compared to when you walk towards them.

Once they’re comfortable with this try without the gates and place your dog in a stand and walk towards them, the moment they start walking back, reward. Decide on what cue you want to use, reverse, back up, or back, etc. and repeat while building distance.

Lots of times dogs will sit when you walk towards them as this is an unnatural movement for them, so it takes practice and treat placement is key. Keep the treat below their chin to help prevent them from sitting.

Also go slow with this movement as they’re learning and so they don’t arch their back.

You can also train your dog to back up to a target! This is another great option that is a little more advanced, but it really builds a strong foundation. It’s easy to go diagonally without a target, so this helps stay in a straight line, it really makes them think about foot placement like stepping back with their back feet first and they’re less likely to arch their back.


Day 3

Funder Game 

This game is all about having fun while working on their recall While standing open your legs up and have your dog run under neath by tossing a treat thru. Once they pass thru run the other way and then call them back and keep repeating Use the space you have to create as much distance as possible This is fun way to loosen up both of your legs while your dog is listening to you. You can switch it up by running backwards or turning around and see if your dog will run under your legs no matter which way you’re facing. The funder game is having fun while they’re going under 


Day 4

Side Stepping 

Dog Side Stepping

Side stepping or lateral stepping means that your dog is walking sideways. This is one of the hardest moves to teach as it’s an unnatural movement for your dog, but works many muscles they don’t typically work!

Use a large enough space and use a line on the floor, targets, wall or something to help keep you all going in a straight line sideways, as it is easy to begin curving or going diagonal.
With your dog standing, take treats in your right hand and turn YOUR body to face their body so that if you took a step, you’d be walking into your dog’s shoulder.

Put treats in front of your dog’s nose as a lure and so you can quickly reward when they take a lateral step.

Take a tiny, tiny step into your dog, moving into your dog’s space, most will take a lateral step with one of their paws. (do not push or run into them to get them to move, it takes time)
As soon as they do, reward! Start off slow doing a few steps at a time in each direction as they build up coordination.

For those with small dogs be careful not to step on their little feet. If it puts too much pressure on your back bending over, you may try kneeling down and scooting.

Day 5

Static Lunge Hurdles

  • Stack your shoulders over your hips, engage your core, and gaze straight ahead. Step your right foot directly forward. Lengthen your stance and bend both of your knees to 90 degrees. Track your front knee over your ankle to protect your joints.
  • As you lower your back knee toward the floor, your back heel will lift. Align your heel over the ball mount of your foot. Lunge as low as you can with proper form. Using your left leg, push off your foot to stand back up with straight legs. Repeat steps and switch sides.
  • Try adding your dog by hurdling over your back leg if you can maintain balance. They can make a complete circle and/or go back and forth. If you’re having trouble maintaining balance place your feet together and have your dog just wrap around you standing up.


Day 6 

Standing Paw & Bird Dog

Dog Standing Alternating Paw

  • While your dog is standing ask for paw/shake, which ever command you use.
  • This will work on their balance since they are standing when they raise a paws they will have to counter balance shifting the weight into their other 3 limbs.
  • Try and have your alternating paws each time, even though they will probably have a dominate side.
  • Modified – they can do this sitting, if they are still learning paw or are off balanced.

Bird Dog for You

  • Begin on all fours with your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees directly under your hips.
  • Pull your abs in to your spine. Keep your back and pelvis still and stable, inhale and reach your right arm forward and left leg back. Don’t allow the hips to rock side to side as you move your leg behind you. Reach through your left heel keeping it flexed to engage the muscles in the back of the leg and your butt.
  • Modified – only lift a leg or arm.
  • This is a simple great exercise to work on your core and balance! Also it’s a great substitute for exercises like planks and superman.
  • You may have better balance on one side compared to the other, but the goal is to even it out!

Maybe you can do it together!!??


Day 7

Airplane Arms

  • This is a really cool trick once your dog learns it! 
  • There’s a few different ways to teach it: 
  • Sit on the ground and place your hands out to the sides close to the ground and have your dog step over them. 
  • Sit on the ground and extend your arm out to the side to wall and have them jump over one way to get used to your arm and height. 
  • Sit against a couch or a couple of klimbs and have your dog jump up behind you and jump down on the other side. 
  • You may use a combination of all these, but make sure to work in both directions so your dog doesn’t get dizzy and to keep it equal for both sides.


Day 8

Stand to Down for Dog & Downdog Push Ups

Stand to Down

Have your dog stand squarely, then ask them to lay down with their front limbs going down first as if in bow position all the way into a down.
We want them to move directly from a down-to-stand position without sitting in between.
Advanced – Down to stand and down again without taking any steps forward or backward.
Most of the time when we ask our dogs to lay down, we ask for a sit first, then down. Again this may take a little time, and work on those verbal cues, say bow, then down to help them learn.

Downward Dog Push Ups

Begin in a downward dog yoga position, with your feet and hands just wider than shoulder width.
Keep your legs straight, hips high, heels low, and maintain the inverted-V position as you bend your elbows and lower your head towards the floor between your hands.
Reverse the movement to the starting position. Sit back into child’s pose if you need to give your shoulders a break during or after.
Modified – Hold downward dog without the push up




Day 9

Spins for Both of you 

Leading them with a cookie to spin and turn is one of the easiest ways, keeping the treat close to their hip to make a tight circle. It’s also good for them to work on this move as it works on their lateral moves. Sometimes they may prefer one side to turn with, but the goal is to make both sides equal.

For you, you can do quick steps to spin or do a 360 jump

Challenge – Maybe you can do them together!?

Day 10


Dog Hops

  • Think of this as their version of a pop squat! All we’re trying to do is having them jump up into the air as if they are a dolphin jumping out of the ocean.
  • Try and have them do this from a standing position and lure them with a treat and use a command like hop to get them to hop up like a bunny.
  • Try having them jump up more on a slight angle forward so they can follow thru and land softly with their jump instead of straight up like a rocket ship.
  • You may need to walk backwards to help them hop up and move forward, so watch where you’re going.
  • If you need to do a paws up on you command first you can to help them know to propel up, otherwise the goal of this is to have them follow thru with the jump and landing compared with the paws up where they stop.
  • Have them complete this on carpet, yoga mat, etc to prevent slipping and softer landing.
  • Modify – If you have an older dog or dog with hip issues modify this by doing a paws up on an object.

Hops for you too! Hop with both feet or march to modify it. Or maybe you can hop together in unison?!

Day 11

Spin and Down Combo

Leading them with a cookie to spin and turn is one of the easiest ways, keeping the treat close to their hip to make a tight circle. Once completing a full circle have them lay down. Stand them back up and repeat going the other way.
Same for you, complete a spin, then come down into a plank position, modifying it as needed.

Day 12

Spin, Down, Hop Combo

We’re combining the previous day into one exercise. They’ll complete one spin, go into a down, then come up and hop! Try to do this as flowing as possible.
Same goes for you, it’s kind of like a burpee with a spin in between.
Make sure to repeat going the other way!