Mario & Holly
Chihuahua/Min Pin, 3 years

Favorite Classes: Puplates and Doga!!!

Favorite part of class: Bonding with my baby Mario

How did you find out about us? (February 2018)

Why did you start coming?

Hang out with my baby Henry, try yoga for the first time and because I am not a gym girl lol

Were you nervous before your first class?

No not really. I had talked to Kim on the phone before going to the first class, a charity event at the AKC dog museum and the filled me in and because she was so sweet and obsessed with dogs like me, I wasn’t nervous at all!!

What makes you keep coming?

Omg!! Everything!!! I’ve become close with Kim and Oscar and a lot of the other women in the group and their dogs and even sometimes hang out outside class, I love the workouts and they’re never the same, and Mario and I get to just be together and bond and it is so good for both of us and it relaxes me and I feel so good after every class!!!!

How would you describe Fitness with Fido to someone who has never been to a class:

Energizing, fun, a place to bond with your baby and meet friends, plus get in exercise. Another thing that’s awesome is that Kim keeps us posted at the end of class about fun events coming up in STL!

Anything else you would like to share?

This group makes working out fun!!!

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