About Kim

Kim, owner of Fitness with Fido, is also a Certified Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach (CCFC) thru Do More with your Dog. Her background is in canine fitness, dog grooming, agility and business. Oscar is a standard poodle who is also a certified canine coach, Kim’s sidekick, business partner and best friend. They’re both always looking to improve and always learning.

Kim & Oscar are pictured with Kyra Sundance after completing their CCFC workshop at Purina Farms in March 2019. Read more about titles here

Canine Conditioning Fitness is practiced in pursuit of peak performance, injury prevention, coordination, flexibility, and rehabilitation.

Earn your Canine Conditioning Fitness title and medal by demonstrating mastery of skills thru a Certified Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach (CCFC) like us in person or online! Skills are explained in Kyra’s Canine Conditioning book. Dog will be evaluated that they understand the exercise, actively participates, challenges themselves, and improves. Four title levels to achieve.

Although this Canine Conditioning and Fitness program has been extensively researched and reviewed by a panel of experts in the field, we recognize that any physical endeavor comes with risk. Please evaluate each dog and exercise before attempting a skill, and consult with your veterinarian or other expert. Please see the top expert reviewer bios at the back of Kyra’s Canine Conditioning book. 


12 exercises to pass, 3 optional

Watch our promo video of Kim & Oscar from Fitness with Fido demonstrating some of level one canine conditioning fitness exercises from Do More with Your Dog!

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We also recommend the book the “The Healthy Way to Stretch your Dog” for a deeper understanding before beginning this program.

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