Testimonial Tuesday

Lillian & Stubby

Yorkie-Chihuahua, 8 yrs old

Favorite ClassesDoga, Holiday Workouts

Favorite part of class: Incorporating the dogs into the workouts, being with a friendly group of people

How did you find out about us?
I saw Kim at Petapalooza 2017, but my first “class” was actually a movie with your dog event!

Why did you start coming?
To try something new and different with my dog

Were you nervous before your first class?
I was a little nervous to show up to a new place by myself, but it helped having my dog as a wingman. Kim and the others in class were so friendly and accommodating that I was hooked! Plus, I loved seeing all the dogs❤️!

What makes you keep coming? 
The fun people and dogs I have met! Kim is also so nice and keeps the workouts fun, different, and entertaining for all levels.

How would you describe Fitness with Fido to someone who has never been to a class:
The best and funnest way ever to work out! A must for dog lovers of all fitness levels. You don’t even need to have a dog to join the fun. It is amazing to see how the dogs get used to the routine after a couple classes. As Kim says, they really just enjoy getting to spend the time with you!

Anything else you would like to share?
I attended Fitness With Fido all throughout my pregnancy. Kim was AMAZING at helping me modify the workouts where needed. Having a fitness class I enjoyed made it easy to stay physically active and healthy during my pregnancy and definitely helped get me back into a workout routine after I had my son. Now that I have a human baby—it really makes the one on one time I get to spend with by fur baby during Kim’s classes even more special for the both of us.

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