Best In Show Online Workout Program

The Best in Show Online Workout Program is power packed with over 30 workouts that include your dog each day!

  • The workouts range from dog training to full body exercises for your dog
  • Average completion for each workout is 30-60 minutes of your time
  • Daily Inspirational Videos
  • Nutritional Saturdays to learn about what you’re consuming
  • Self-Care Sundays because improving yourself starts from the inside out
  • Over 100+ Exercise Video Tutorials
  • Eating Plan Included
  • Access to a private Facebook Group with our Fido Tribe
  • One Time Fee and Lifetime Access!
  • Enjoy bonding with your dog and more!

The best in show program is a full body workout for both your and your dog. It’s geared to start at the beginning of the year to help get a kick-start for the new year, but it can be done at anytime throughout the year.

Minimal equipment is required because we want you to get familiar with your body and including your dog in the workouts. We’ll be focusing on the basics to build a solid foundation, but no worries we will still be covering a lot!

Not only is this a workout program, but we believe in mental health awareness and want everyone to feel more comfortable in their skin. When you’re feeling more confident typically your dog will behave better because happiness will spread.

Equipment needed for fit test:

  • Internet Connection
  • 1 hurdle
  • 1 type of platform like a stool, stepper, cato board, klimb, balance disc, bosu ball, fitbone, etc. for your dog to step on.
  • Dog Treats!!