Summer Time Activity to do with your Dog! 

Sometimes it’s just too hot to go outside with your dog. Dog’s have higher body temperatures than us so it’s important to keep them safe and healthy, but also entertained. 

This is a fun activity that will provide mental stimulation for your dog as they have to use their nose to find the treat, then they have to work on getting it off the string. 


  1. Scoop plain yogurt or bone broth into an ice tray
  2. Add a dog treat to make it more enticing and easier to hang. 
  3.  Freeze for at least an hour 
  4. Tie a string to the treat after taking out of the freezer
  5. Secure the frozen treat somewhere shady outdoors like a fence, tree or deck. 
  6. Let your dog find them and enjoy! 

Helpful Tips 

  • Use dog friendly yogurt and bone broth, no xytitol.
  • Use a longer type dog treat that doesn’t break apart super easily. 
  • Tie them at different heights or different locations to make it more challenging. 
  • Always pay attention to your dog if they need a little encouragement and so they don’t eat anything they shouldn’t be. 
  • Watch our short how to video below! 
Amber Aquart

Amber Aquart

Owner of Pawsitive Development

Thanks for the idea, check out Pawsitive Development – Amber Aquart for a more creative hanging treat idea!

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