Here’s a fun and cute craft to do with your dog for St. Patrick’s Day!

Plus it’s super easy! 


  1. Green Marker 
  2. Green Stamp (Non-Toxic, I bought a stamp pad from Hobby Lobby)
  3. Stickers (I bought some from the dollar store) 
  4. Wet wash cloth to wipe their paw off 
  5. Paper to stamp their paw on 



  1. Get all of your supplies ready! 
  2. Place your dog’s paw on the stamp pad 
  3. Press their paw onto the paper
  4. Move the paper aside 
  5. Wipe their paw off before you have green paws over your house
  6. Add a stem to complete their paw 4 leaf clover. 
  7. Add any stickers or writing to complete their masterpiece 
  8. Hang on the fridge like a proud dog mama!