Show Me St. Louis (2016) Behind the Scenes

Show Me St. Louis visited the AKC Museum of the Dog in Queeny Park for our first class there. It was quite an experience! Nevertheless being nervous about our first class there, but being on tv for the first time. We arrived early to prepare for our tv segment. Practicing a demo, what we would say, let the dogs relax because we didn’t really know what to expect.

The film crew arrived shortly after to begin setting up. Our set up would be in one of the Dog Art Museum Galleries to show off their art and for a better background. Dana Dean arrived after that. She is as nice as she is on tv! She came in to talk and see what Fitness with Fido was all about and it definity helped calm my nerves, basically she said just to act like the tv crew wasn’t there and to talk to her like a potential customer. She met Oscar and Fisher, a beagle, who loves to bark and sniff everything while working out.

It was a 3 minute live segment on KSDK Show Me St. Louis and it went by rather quickly. The demo we had planned was altered better to go with the flow of being on live tv. We did a couple yoga moves, then I spoke about what we offered, then ended with dog massage. Oscar totally loved being on tv because he rolled over right away to show everyone how much he loves tummy rubs. Fisher, the Beagle, was totally quiet during the segment. Which we were worried he would bark, he just relaxed back with his mama and as soon as we were done, went on with his barking, isn’t funny how dogs know when to behave?

Check out the short Doga, Doggie Yoga video here. (this was the first video we uploaded to Youtube so please excuse the quality) 😛

Show Me St. Louis (2017) Behind the Scenes

This time on Show Me St. Louis we went to their actually location in Downtown St. Louis for an in-studio segment. This was a different experience from the first time, when we arrived, we checked in with security then took an elevator ride to their floor. Here there were so many computers and tvs! We waited awhile before it was our showtime.

While we waited we saw the where they do the weather, the green screen and their indoor kitchen segment for tv. Before us I believe it was Eckert’s Farm preparing something tasty for their showing. We then met Hedi Klum and her little puppy! Talk about cute, she was so fluffy!

This was another live 3 minute segment. I wasn’t so nervous this time, but it was hard to stay concentrated while explaining exercises and answering questions. Oscar decided to get comfy and basically once the cameras started he rolled over to get petted, he is such a goofball. We did the “Squat & Pet” and “Plank & Shake”, for Heidi’s Squat & Pet she held her dog because she is so tiny and gave her a little weight to squat with, I on the other hand, for each squat I gave Oscar a pet. Next on the “Plank & Shake” Heidi held her dog, Oscar decided to paw me in the face on live tv… at least his paws were clean lol.

3 minutes went by pretty quickly, we talked briefly about an event we had coming up at the Dog Museum and other activities to do with your dog that we have done like paddle boarding. Paddle boarding with your dog by the way is a lot of fun and great exercise! Keep a lookout for our next event with SupStl. The whole experience of being in the studio and seeing it from behind the screens was awesome and can’t wait to do it again!

Check out the short video here and to see Oscar paw me in the face on live tv 😀