Rooney Underwood

5, 2018

Concerns/Goals/What Brings You in Today?: Weightloss, general well-being, confidence, muscle back end

2-7-23 Initial report


Supplements: n/a
Food: raw
Activities/sports: n/a
Injuries: n/a
Equipment access: 3 klimbs, cato, bosu, half peanut, mini fitbones


Long term goals– lose about 5 lbs, define waist, build muscle in back end, confidence, gait, lengthen & even stance.

Short term goals lose 1 lbs by 3-21, back up with back feet more, target on mini fitbone, work on standing head tilts without sitting.


right back leg – 67cm
left back leg – 67 cm
waist – 51 cm
chest -62 cm
weight – 37 lbs

Checkpoint Posture Assessment
hold a stand for ten seconds without sitting or lying down?
yes, about 20-30 seconds before sitting
shifting more weight onto their forelimbs? no
shifting more weight onto their hindlimbs? no
Are they avoiding putting a good deal of weight on one of their limbs? no
What does their topline look like? very slight arch

Checkpoint Exercise Assessment
Standing Still:
about 30 seconds, back feet staggered, slight rotation outwards
Stand with Head Tilt Up: wants to sit
Backing Up: Using front legs more to back up
Sit to Stands: yes, but doesn’t fully extend, keeps back legs tucked in
Elevated Sit: good
Plank (duration & Equipment): Weight shift more on right back leg
Walk/Gait/Endurance: slight crossover of feet, possible from being timid
Down: stays about 10-20 seconds then rolls to left side

NOTES: Primary core work, secondary lose weight

Below are the progress photos

Measurement Tracking
Thigh R/L67 
Warm Up & Cool Down Routine

Warm Up with side stepping, backing up, figure 8, twalking, uphill walking, etc for 2-10 minutes

Cool Down with high paws up on klimb or couch about 30 seconds, massage focusing on quad and hip area for 2-10 minutes

Session 1 Homework 2/7/23:

starting with foundational work & form

circuit 1

Backing Up – only about 3 to 6 steps backwards so he doesn’t sit, work on a cue, 3-4 times a week. Maybe use a target or against the wall, or make a chute with your klimbs against wall, that should make him use his back legs more if you can set that up.

circuit 2

Paws Up On Mini Fitbone – 3 sets of 10 seconds on mini fitbone, once a day or every other day. This will work on help with his footwork and targeting.

circuit 3

Plank Head Nods Up – try 5-10 reps once a day with breakfast and/or dinner. Try to avoid him sitting by doing too many, up too high, etc. Use your klimbs or cato if that will help him from sitting. 

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