Recovering from injury with Proper Fitness

After suffering a personal injury, working out may be the last thing on your mind and you may have to take some time off to rest and recover, but you can’t ignore it. Exercising so soon after an injury could make things worse if it is  not done correctly, but with proper fitness you can recover quicker.

The first thing to do is make sure the pain and swelling has gone down significantly. Talk to your doctor and get his or her approval before proceeding any exercise routine. Once you start exercising again, go slow. Start at 10 – 50 percent of your normal rate, so if you used to run two miles a day, start by walking with one mile and work your way up from there, increase by 10 percent each week.

Exercising is about form and function. To prevent future injuries, take time to stretch before and after exercising! Ensure good posture by keeping your spine long, core tight, relax your shoulders and move from your hips, this will help prevent lower back problems.

Listen to your body! Believe it or not, pain can be your friend by providing you with information! If you experience pain while exercising, it’s time to slow down or stop. Reduce pain by limiting your range of motion, switch to a different motion, or if you are lifting weights reduce the amount of weight you are lifting.

Focus on a variety of different exercises. For example, if your knee is injured, focus on your core and upper body. Swimming is also a great exercise for those with knee or leg injuries as it is easier on the joints. Incorporate different routines to strengthen your entire body as your injured body part heals.

Exercise is more fun with the right motivation. If you can’t find a workout partner, use your dog! Most dogs love exercise and being with you. Take your dog on a walk or run, throw tennis balls, or go to a Fitness with Fido class.  You both will reap the benefits of exercise! Remember though, dog’s can’t talk like us so you have to pay attention to their body language like excessive panting or slowing down, that’s their way of saying they’re tired. Dogs can also get injured just like us so they may need to build up their energy and endurance as well! You may even want to check with their vet.

Your exercise journey is about progression, not perfection!


How Fitness with Fido Can Help

With Fitness with Fido  you’ll always have a workout partner. Fitness with Fido classes are designed for both you and your dog. The programs are designed for you to maintain or lose weight as you tone and strengthen your body. The nice part is that you’ll have man’s best friend by your side the entire time.

You don’t have to bring a dog to attend our classes, but you must love being around them. Our hour-long classes provide mental and physical stimulation for your dog and you can exercise at your own pace as we use timed sets instead of reps, so you can do 1 push up in 10 seconds or 10 push ups in 10 seconds!

At Fitness with Fido, we offer several types of classes for you and your furry friend. Get Fit with Fido is a strength and conditioning class that focuses on both the upper and lower body, incorporates agility and play games such as puppy push-ups to work on dog obedience. We also offer dog yoga and pilates classes that incorporate your dog, which is better for older dogs or beginners as it is more laid back & relaxing and of course end with a little dog massage.

Fitness with Fido could be a great option for those trying to get back into exercise after suffering an injury by exercising at their own pace and you can take breaks to pet your dog. It makes an hour of exercise go by quickly having their best fur friend at their side! RSVP for one of Fitness with Fido’s classes today!