Have an empty paper towel Roll?
Here’s a quick and easy toy to make for your dog! All it involves is a paper towel roll and some dog treats!

So next time you get to the end of the roll, keep it! Now they’ll only get a one time usage out of this, but during the time it will provide mental engagement for your dog. Not only will they have to use their nose to sniff out the treats, they have to figure out how to open it. If you want to make it more challenging you could even hide the roll filled with treats as an extra step! 

It really all depends on your dog. Some dogs might need a little help smelling for scents or to hear the treats inside by shaking it. Also depending on the breed of dog, some may tear thru it quickly in a couple minutes or it might take them 10 minutes. Either way always monitor your dog so they don’t eat the whole roll and to clean up any leftover mess. 

Your dog should have fun for a few minutes with this quick and simple toy that will help them keep their mind sharp! Let us know if you try it with your dog by tagging us @fitnesswithfido.fit  


– Paper Towel Roll
– Scissors
– Dog Treats





1) Cut the paper towel roll in half
2) Close one end of the roll
3) Add a few dog treats
4) Close the other end of the roll
5) Hide the roll (optional challenge)
6) Let your dog enjoy!
7) Clean up any leftover roll