Workout with your Dog Program Completion Round 1


Congrats on completing round 1!

Make sure you completed the checklist and that it was approved before submitting payment.

You’ll earn:

  • magnet certificate
  • portable water bowl
  • pawprint lanyard
  • dog tag medal
  • and of course bragging rights!

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  • I agree to hold  Fitness with Fido, LLC and all associated harmless from all liability for any loss, injury, deaths, or damages to persons, animals, or property arising from or related to any person or dog.
  • I understand that exercising have the potential to be dangerous and by participating in them I accepting responsibility for any injury to any person or dog, and damage caused by myself or my dog or dogs as a result of training. I will assume full financial responsibility, including veterinary bills, for any and all expenses involved in any incidents.
  • I will follow all safety guidelines and have approval from my doctor and dog’s veterinarian before starting a new exercise routine
  • I understand that submission of my title application and fee does NOT guarantee that I will earn the title. In the event that I fail to meet title guidelines, you will be advised on the specific areas that need improvement before approved.
  • I give permission to use videos submitted for their own uses, including  for social media and the website.