The Healthy Way to Stretch Your Dog: A Physical Therapy Approach by Sasha Foster


We highly recommend this book for a deeper understanding on how to stretch your dog!

Stretch your dog to a longer and healthier life
Research on human athletes is changing what we know about stretching. For example, it is now recognized that aggressive stretching should only take place after muscles are warmed up and shortened from exertion. Authors Sasha and Ashley Foster have applied this latest research to dogs—many of whom compete in vigorous canine sporting events—so that you can learn how to safely and effectively stretch your dog to prevent injuries, maintain joint integrity, and improve you dog’s fitness whether he is an elite canine athlete or a lap dog.

Over 300 photos and diagrams demonstrate how to safely and effectively stretch each major muscle group. Teaches correct hand placement for joint stabilization and how to maintain good form. Stretching routines are presented for both large and small dogs, older dogs, and those that are involved in a variety of dog sports.

Learn more about:
-How to read your dog’s body language and behavior while stretching him.
-Techniques that keep you from injuring yourself while stretching your dog.
-20 minute daily maintenance stretching routines.
-Do’s and don’ts when stretching, and when you need to consult with a vet.
-Special considerations when stretching older dogs and small or toy dogs.

What experts say about The Healthy Way to Stretch Your Dog:
There are a lot of stretching books, videos and DVDs out there. This is the first one I’ve seen that definitively explains why stretching needs to be done in a relaxed, prone position with correct stabilization in order for the stretch to be effective. The descriptions of the various stretches are clearly written and anatomically correct. The photographs accurately depict what is to be done. The photographs of the incredibly handsome dogs luxuriating while being stretched are alone worth the price of the book and should be an inspiration to anyone who wants to do canine body work. All praise to the authors for a great book!
Sue Ann Lesser, DVM, ACAC, CVSMT

The Healthy Way to Stretch Your Dog is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide to improving your dog’s physical health through proper stretching techniques. The book provides a wealth of information and photos to get you working with your dog right away, whether it’s for strengthening your dog’s performance in a variety of dog sports, or helping to properly maintain your senior dog’s physical health.
Mychelle Blake, editor of The APDT Chronicle of the Dog

The Healthy Way to Stretch Your Dog contains a tremendous amount of information. Knowing the science behind successful stretching will be a valuable resource for all dog owners. Understanding dog behavior as is relates to therapeutic interventions and directing the reader to engage in proper body posture will allow users of this book to continue to stretch many dogs for many years to come!
Laurie M Edge-Hughes, BScPT, MAnimSt (Animal Physiotherapy), CAFCI, CCRT

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