Here are my tips for prepping my 3 dogs before our baby girl arrives. This is our first baby so these are tips i’m assuming will help and my dogs are already well-mannered and have been around children before so i’ll add in some extra tips that might help your situation better.

Babies come with new scents and smells, so try to get them used to the new smells like by using baby lotion before the baby arrives. Let them smell a piece of baby clothing from the hospital first before smelling baby. Also depending on your dog’s personality, you may keep them on leash while smelling so they don’t get too friendly.

And remember when you’re coming home your dog is going to be excited to see you, as it’s probably been a couple of days. Make sure to still give them some attention as they don’t realize yet the family dynamic changed.

Plan on who will be watching your dogs when you go into labor and head to the hospital so they will still be fed and let potty. Go over any details prior about what they eat, how much, medication, etc. Write it down as well.

Get them comfortable around the baby’s items like strollers and cribs. Hopefully your dog already walks nicely on leash, but if they don’t start, working on it if you plan on walking dog and baby at the same time. Also don’t tie their leash around the stroller! If they were to take off after anything the stroller would be going with your dog with a high chance of injury.

No jumping on you. If your dog jumps up on you with excitement it can be dangerous risky your chance to fall while holding the baby or by scratching you or the baby. 

Leave it command – You may not need it for a few months, but once baby starts moving and dropping stuff like certain foods that could be toxic like grapes or medicines you’ll want your dog to leave it alone 

No aggression towards food/toys as well. You’ll want to look into additional training if it is rescource guarding or what to get that figured out swiftly. 

Also teach your kids to treat your pets with respect. They aren’t sitting on them, pulling on their ears, hair or tail. Your dog will be the one blamed if they bite and something that could have been avoided. 

Get them groomed before the baby comes. Plan 1-3 weeks ahead of time in case baby comes early, that way they are clean, their nails are short and less shedding hair. Better yet book their next appt 4-6 weeks after baby as well to keep them on schedule and well-maintained.

You may look into a mobile groomer to come to your house as it maybe easier then traveling with baby, but be prepared to book ahead of time. Typically mobile groomers are booked 1-3 months out.

Hopefully some of these tips help and congrats on your journey!

Funny story after shooting this video I went into labor that night! So far all the dogs are doing well and adjusting to our new dynamic. Our Fitness with Fido classes are even more special now so they can get their one on one time and bonding with Mom without baby on her hip.