Labrador Retreiver
4.5 (2018)

Concerns/Goals/What Brings You in Today?: 

  • preventative health
  • trouble stepping up
  • weak core, weight loss
  • early spondylosis T5-T6, early spondylosis and sclerosis lumbosacral
  • mild caudal lumbar kyphosis- slight reactivity to palpation LS region
  • Under Care with Back on Track: Back on Track Phoebe’s Program
  • monthly massage appts. 
  • chiro periodically

Initial report


Supplements: joint & omega oil
Activities/sports: scentwork, tracking, freestyle dance
Injuries: early spondylosis & sclerosis
Equipment access: peanuts, foam pads, catos, klimbs, calvallettis, buckets


Long term goals– build core strength, stamina, back end strength to help getting into car, lose weight 5-10lbs, looks down a lot with scent work

Short term goals – work on backing up straight and with more purpose, side stepping both directions, 


Checkpoint Posture Assessment
hold a stand for ten seconds without sitting or lying down? Yes

shifting more weight onto their forelimbs? no
shifting more weight onto their hindlimbs? no
Are they avoiding putting a good deal of weight on one of their limbs? No
What does their topline look like? Straight

Checkpoint Exercise Assessment
Standing Still: yes, good minute 

Stand with Head Tilt Up: nose touch targeting, about 1pm 
Backing Up: knows how, but gets crooked, leads with b left?
side stepping: needs work
Sit to Stands: yes, slight back r leg delay
Elevated Sit: full minute, slight arch in back
Plank (duration & Equipment): used buckets, held about 30 seconds thtee times
Down: 1 minute hold, didn’t roll to side, slight tightness in hips

OVERACTIVE MUSCLES: thighs, shoulders

NOTES: Primary core work, secondary even up thighs and build strength

Below are the progress photos

Measurement Tracking
Thigh R/L12″ R/12.5 L 
Warm Up & Cool Down Routine

Warm Up does walking/shadow handling, figure 8s, spins and turns

Cool Down nothing currently

Session 1 Homework 3/3/23:

working on building up core strength and foundation work

warm up with a walk outdoors or after freestyle, scent work, figure 8s for a minute or 2, etc.

Goal is 20 of each exercise, break it into 2 sets of 10 with cookie throw releases in between for physical and mental break. Try to do 3x/week:

Cool down with massage focusing on shoulders, chest, hips or slow figure 8s for a minute or 2

Session 2 Homework 3/15/23:

working on building up core strength and foundation work

warm up with a walk outdoors or after freestyle, scent work, figure 8s for a minute or 2, etc.

Try to do 3x/week, 2-4 rounds:

Do cookie throw searches or toy in between for physical and mental break

Cool down with massage 2-10 minutes focusing on neck, shoulders and quads.

Notes: did very well today especially with pivoting! Some tightness in neck. Might be a couple weeks depending on housework, try to add on another round if needed. 

Also it’s up to you if you like to work on each exercise completely before moving on or thru the list then repeat. Example: 3rds planks, 3 rds pivots or 1 rd planks, 1 rd pivots, then repeat from top. 

Session 3 Homework 3/27/23:

    Try to fit in when you can, ideally 3x/week, but otherwise enjoy vacation!

    Warm up with walk, spins/turns, figure 8s, etc

    1 round, aim for 5 minutes

    • Dynamic paws up and downs with head nods left and right. (focus on releasing off cato to get more steps in)

    3 rounds

    • Paws up Plank with back leg raises alt. 2-3/side. (Pay attention to treat placement)
    • Lateral side hold, 10 seconds/side

      Homework examples:

    Cool down with massage, spins/turns, bow, etc.

    Notes: modify rounds as needed to add more or less since it will be a couple of weeks for next visit. 


    Disclaimer: Fitness with Fido only offers canine conditioning. Rehabilitation programs and the diagnosis and treatment of illness and disease are not provided. All participants of canine conditioning activities and programs should be cleared by their veterinarian before beginning. When/if concerns are noted during the course of conditioning, clients will be directed to seek care from the appropriate certified professional (Veterinarian, chiropractor, etc.) Results may vary.