Fitness classes designed for you and your Dog

Fitness with Fido is a combination of the love of fitness with the love of our K-9 companions. We create workout programs that are designed to tone, strenghten and burn fat while having your best bud by your side helping you a long the way.


DIY Wobbleboard

A wobble board is one of the easiest DIY projects to make! Not only is it easy to make, it's affordable, space saving and helps improve balance! Supplies Yoga mat Hot Glue Gun Scissors Sharpie Wobbleboard Instructions:  Place the board on the yoga mat Draw a circle...

New Year Closet Organization Tip

I like to do this every year!  I have too many clothes and I have trouble getting rid of them because they still fit and are in good condition, but I end up buying new clothes during the year, then I run out of closet space! This is a good way for me to see what I...

Yoga Mat Tip

  Need More Cushion and support?  Don't want to get in the grass?I actually forgot about this helpful tip! Most of our Fitness with Fido classes are outdoors and sometimes the grass is long and sometimes grass can be itchy! Even though sometimes it is nice to be...