I like to do this every year! 

I have too many clothes and I have trouble getting rid of them because they still fit and are in good condition, but I end up buying new clothes during the year, then I run out of closet space! This is a good way for me to see what I haven’t worn and what I can get rid of!

Simply turn all of your hangers the opposite way as in the picture, then as you wear them and put them back, you put the hanger back as normal. 

This is good way for you to wear all your clothes so you don’t wear the same clothes over and over. Also saves a little bit of time by seeing what you haven’t worn a whole year instead of the ever daunting task of going thru your closet. 

You know what that means right? A little more time to spend with your dog, than going thru your clothes 😉 

What space saving tips do you have? Let us know by tagging us @Fitnesswithfido.fit