Instructions for Hands Free Leash:

Please use caution & use responsibly

1) open your package and remove the leash (it is best to try on and adjust while indoors while you and your dog are comfortable)
2) adjust the leash as need around your waist as if it were a belt and buckle to secure. (leash has a waist circumference up to 43 inches)
3) next connect the other end of the leash to your dog’s collar as if it were a regular leash. Adjust the length of the leash as needed; it has an adjustable length up to 59 inches
4) Enjoy your walk or your workout with your new hands-free dog leash.


If your dog pulls regularly, it will still pull you, but around your waist instead of your hand. Please seek the advice of a dog trainer to work on not pulling. 

*Adjust as needed; Fitness with Fido, LLC is not liable for any injury*