$10 nail trims before or after class

$20 for nail grinding.

Must request 2 hrs before class time for this service. Nail grinding makes the nails smoother & shorter. Perfect for homes with hard floors


“Trim nails for healthy dogs!

Untrimmed dog nails can scratch your floors and furniture. It can damage your skin and others, especially, older adults who have thin skin. Neglected nails can lead to discomfort for your dog and even body deformity, if left untreated.

Also trimmed nails help them walk, run and jump easier! 


We also offer Dog Grooming!

We offer grooming by appointment only. Not only does your dog get 1 on 1 personal hair care, they also get to spend time playing in our fenced yard or a walk at no extra charge. We want your dog to look good AND feel good! 

  • located in St. John, Missouri (63114), set up an appointment for full address.
  • dogs must be potty trained and on flea preventative
  • Most small dog haircuts start at $50 which includes: bath, haircut, nails, ear cleaning, check anal glands and fresh breath dental spray.

Kim has been grooming over ten years! She specializes in poodles along with hand scissoring which gives a much neater appearance. She also does great with cute small dog haircuts to give them a short, fluffy maintainable haircut!

Please contact us to set up an appointment! We need about 1 -2 weeks in advanced and appointments are available  monday – friday, Thanks!
call or text 314-669-5595 

Must be Fitness with Fido clients or may require a consultation prior to grooming. This is offered at a private residence. Some restrictions may apply, we have the right to deny service due to unfriendly dogs. Dogs must be up to date on shots, dog friendly and house trained.