The Flexipaws Cloud Review 



  • Small – Not as big as a peanut and doesn’t need a holder to keep in place, so not as many pieces of equipment and doesn’t take up as much space
  • Rocks – great for advanced dogs 
  • Doesn’t roll away like a peanut so it can be a safer alternative
  • Thick material so it doesn’t seem like it will pop anytime soon, but still keep those nails trimmed. 



  • Small size only 28″ long so it’s mainly for smaller dogs
  • Slippery Center – doesn’t have the grip tractions, so we recommend also using a shelf liner or something to help give your dog more support
  • Rocks – can be scary for dogs and too advanced for their fitness level
  • Expensive – about $115 not including shipping and handling and doesn’t include a pump


Overall Rating: We love the concept and were super excited when they came out, but overall we hardly use them. We give them a 2 out 5 Stars because of the size, price and slippery center. The size limits it to only smaller dogs to use one comfortably unless you plan to buy two if you have a larger dog, which makes it quite an investment. We don’t recommend unless you have an advanced canine athlete that’s length is smaller then 28″ long. If you already have one we recommend using a shelf liner for a little more grip in the center or something else you can come up with to provide a little more support. We would recommend getting a couple of fitbones or bosu balls instead. This is just our opinion and from what we have collected from others. As always before starting a new exercise routine with your dog check with their veterinarian before starting. 


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