Are your dogs like mine, that only like to eat the good stuff out of the bone and then be done with it?

If so try this simple solution to reuse the bones! It saves you a little bit of money,it’s not as wasteful by throwing out the bones, and your dogs are happy to have more good stuff in their bone!

I bought the starter packs by Primal Bone Broth from Four Muddy Paws, but you could also make your own broth or buy the bone broth version from Primal Foods. I found the starter packs easier to use to spoon into the bones. You can also use peanut butter (xylitol free), but it’s a bit messier. 

Which ever one you use, clean your bones first and it’s important when they get too small or break apart to dispose of them to prevent choking!

After they’re clean, spoon or place the broth and bones into a baggie and freeze them until you’re ready to use. I recommend writing the flavor and date on the baggies. Also to do this in your kitchen sink because it can get a little messy.

Then when you’re ready to give one to your dog, let it thaw out for a little bit and let your dog enjoy!

Let us know if you try this! Tag us